What Is Version Control?


  • Branching and merging — allows team members to work at the same time, however is also helpful for individual project work as well. This allows you to work on an independent ‘channel’ when making changes to your code. You do so by creating a ‘branch,’ which separates the work you do on this branch from the rest of your work/code, with the ability to later merge these changes into the main branch once you have determined you want to keep the changes. This allows developers to determine whether changes on a branch will have any conflicts with the rest of the code before committing their changes to be saved to the main structure and impact the work of other developers.
  • Complete change history of every file — Every change made by an individual is saved, including deletion and creation of files and edits to file contents. Having this makes it easy to go back to a previous version when trying to determine the root cause of a bug.
  • Traceability — the ability to trace each alteration made to the code and being able to submit a message with each commit (save) of your code describing what you changed and the purpose is very helpful in tracking down and remedying bugs. This annotated history is invaluable in deciphering the journey of a projects development.



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